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Customized Product Consultation:

Enhance your Well-Being with the Versatile Properties of Essential Oils.


canstockphoto19193548During your personal consultation, we will discuss your wellness plans as we review your confidential client intake form that I will email to you ahead of time.
Together we will explore a variety of essential oils that are appropriate for your needs. You will then decide how you would like to use your product, by making a selection from the Passiflora product list.
Consider which areas of your life that you would like to examine, maybe it’s:

  • your emotional body and you would like to relax or relieve any stress that you may be feeling.
  • physical body and you would like to ease any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling.
  • your spiritual body and you would like to quiet your busy mind & go to that calm place inside

Meet me for Coffee (or in my case Tea)

or connect with me by Phone or by Email.  

Consultation: 30 min: $45, or  60 min: $75

(plus the cost of your product.)

As an aromatherapist, I require an in-depth consultation before I can do any personal blending.

We can arrange a delivery date during your consultation. Pre-paid Personalized Products can also be picked up at Reflections Books, 1111-D Austin Ave, Coquitlam, B.C.

Pre-pay in person or by sending an E-transfer to

Your aromatherapy consultation with me is not a replacement
for a doctors’ or a counselors’ advice.

Passiflora Product List:

Products are priced separately & prices will vary depending on the essential oils that are used in the blend.

Comfort Blend: a diluted blend that is applied topically for different types of pain, stress, insomnia, 10 ml dropper bottle………… $13+

Body & Massage Oil: your choice of essential oils diluted in our massage oil base, (Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E)
100 ml bottle………………….. $21+     Unscented 100 ml bottle……. $17

Personal Blend in a Gel Base: a blend diluted in a Glycerin Gel & applied topically for Stress, Muscular or Headache Pain.     100 ml jar…………… $22+

Body Mists: blends made with essential oils, Hydrosols & distilled water.
100 ml Bottle …………… $14+

Bath Salts: made with Solar Salts, carrier oils & scented with essential oils
15 oz (425g) resealable pouch………..$14+

For Inhalation: is helpful for congestion, stress, headaches & insomnia 

Smelling Salts: 5 ml Bottle……… $9.50+      Personal Inhalers: ……… $9.50+

For the Home:

Diffuser Blends: your own personal blend made with essential oils for use in a diffuser
10 ml Bottle……………… $17+

Room Sprays: made from a variety of essential oils, Hydrosols & purified water.
120 ml Bottle …………. $15+

It’s the small things that we do in our everyday lives that can have the most impact, so take time for Self-Care. It isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for our Well-being…


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