Love the “Skin” you’re in…

canstockphoto15433244As I have mentioned in my other blogs I have extremely sensitive skin. I have used a variety of commercial skin care products with varying degrees of success. Let’s just say that I know which stores have the best return policies. I have also been using my own essential oil products for years. I have a variety of blends that I use at different times, for different reasons.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body; the total area on an adult’s body is approx 20 sq feet and is made up of the: Read More

Summertime & Essential Oils

If you have read my blog, you know that I am passionate about Aromatherapy & summertime the Safe & the Appropriate Use of Essential Oils. 
You also know that I love summer… going to the beach or the lake, enjoying my garden, BBQ’s & picnics, and having the time to relax.
What I could do without is the sleepless nights due to the heat, sore feet from my cute new sandals, bug bites, sunburn & dry skin from all of the swimming, oh, and snakes. I really don’t like snakes. And wolf spiders IN my house. (They belong outside). But other than that I love summer. And when using essential oils in the summertime there are a few things to remember…

cut grapefruitPhotosensitivity: Citrus essential oils are the perfect scents to use in the warmer months. Try using them in a room spray or diffusing them in your home. *Just use caution when using them topically in body lotions/oils or body mists (and never use undiluted essential oils on your skin.)
Avoid going out in the sun or using a tanning bed for a minimum of 12 hours after use. Some citrus essential oils like Bergamot,canstockphoto17204511cold-pressed Lemon & Lime, Bitter Orange and to a lesser degree Grapefruit react to UV light and can cause a photosensitive skin irritation. (A photosensitive reaction may be a severe sunburn,swelling and possible blistering of the skin;you may react to 24 – 72 hours after using a citrus essential oil topically). A good rule of thumb: don’t apply photosensitive essential oils to areas of your body that are exposed to the sun.
*According to authors Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, “Citrus scented bath products that get washed off of your skin, (like your body wash, bath soap or shampoo) are generally not a risk.

More ideas for using Essential Oils in the Summer…

Cool Off: If you are finding the heat a little too much make a mister out of Spearmint, or canstockphoto19623127Sweet Basil, Cypress & Geranium essential oils with Lavender Hydrosol & purified water. Keep one beside your bed, and mist the back of your neck & your chest You could also use Lavender & Spearmint Hydrosol blended with purified water.  Shake well before use. Use a dilution of 1 %.

Sunburn: Anyone who has had a sunburn, knows how much they hurt. After a  cool,sunburn baking soda bath, I like to use a blend of Roman Chamomile, Lavender & Spearmint essential oils mixed with Aloe Vera Gel, and Helichrysum Hydrosol. (The amount of Spearmint that I use depends on how bad the sunburn is.)  Use a dilution of 1 – 2 %.  Shake well before use. (You could also use a cooling blend of Lavender & Roman Chamomile Hydrosols in a mister). Read More

A is for Allergies?

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz…  Anonymous   (And people in my house are starting to sneeze…  A lot!!!)
100_4432Due to climate change, more and more people seem to be suffering from seasonal allergies. Trees and plants are budding out, and there is a lot of pollen in the air. When it comes to allergies, there are many things that you can do to alleviate your symptoms.

Allergies, simply put, are an overreaction of the immune system to substances that you come into contact with, such as pollen or pet dander.  Diffusing essential oils is one of the ways to find some relief from the symptoms of allergies and hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis).

There are many essential oils that you can choose from, depending on your age,overall health,scent preference, and what your allergy symptoms are. Try diffusing one or two of these essential oils …

Lavender2Lavender: The workhorse of essential oils, as it is useful for so many things. It is said to be helpful for sneezing, sinus congestion and for boosting the immune system.

German Chamomile & Roman Chamomile: are very gentle, effective essential oils. Roman Chamomile is said to be useful for sinus congestion.  German Chamomile is reported to have anti-allergenic properties.  Don’t use either variety of the Chamomiles if you have an allergy to Ragweed.

canstockphoto8353462Lemon: with its antiseptic properties, lemon helps to clean the air of germs and bacteria when used in a diffuser or as a room spray. It is also said to help to support the immune system.

* Lavender, German & Roman Chamomile essential oils are:

  •  gentle enough to use for children over the age of 2  and for elderly people.
    (Lavender & Chamomile hydrosols are a better way to go with children under the age of 2 & can be used as room sprays)
  • Lavender, & both German & Roman Chamomile essential oils are generally safe to use after the 1st trimester of pregnancy but use caution as everyone responds differently to essential oils.  Diffusing & inhalation are always best during pregnancy.
  • *Lemon essential oil: is better for diffusing for children over the age of 2 & for pregnant women.
  • may cause skin irritation & is photosensitive

As always with essential oils, less is best & dilute before topical use.

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Pink Grapefruit & Green Thumbs…

canstockphoto4710604When most people think about February, they think about Cupid, hearts, and chocolate…

For me, I’m still recovering from the fudge that I ate at Christmas. Come February, I like the idea of Candlemass, which is celebrated on Feb 2. It is the halfway point between winter and spring; a celebration to welcome the returning sun and the longer days that start to awaken new growth. Being a gardener, all that I can say is “Bring on Spring”.

Living on the west coast of Canada, winters tend to be rainy, dull and gray and a lot of people get the winter blues. Citrus oils are perfect for this time of year. They smell so fresh and crisp, they just make you feel better. My favorite by far is Grapefruit. Both pink and white varieties are available, with the pink being the sweeter smelling of the two. Read More