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  • I recently purchased your (Passiflora) Lavender Room Spray.  I am a big lover of Lavender and was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful your spray was. When I sprayed my car with your Lavender Room Spray, the scent lasted for a week. Not only does it make my car smell fresh but the Lavender also helps soothe me. – Rita Forsyth,


  • From Facebook: Ooh! I LOVE my Passiflora room sprays and diffuser blends. You have to check it out!! –  A.R


  • From Facebook: I’m using the blends Crystal created for me….”  every day!
    – Paisley Town,


First Bike Trip CroppedI love Crystal’s In Dreams Diffuser Blend because it is both soothing and uplifting. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed – Wendy Blatta,




  • I am addicted to “Super 5” Diffuser Blend – J.B.


  • From Facebook: I was overdoing it on the computer and iPad today and my wrist and thumb seized up… very painful. Applied my Magic 7 Ointment and bingo! Relief! This stuff helps me every time. – Della Ratcliffe


  • I like to use In Dreams Room Spray before I go to bed.  – D.K.


Bett Mclean“I use many of Crystal’s aromatherapy products… It depends on the mood I am in and what I am feeling as to which one I use. The one that really resonates with me at any time is the Sacred Cedar Room Spray… it always makes me feel calmer and more grounded.

–  Bett McLean, Counselling Therapist & Life Coach,


  • From Facebook: I have the Sacred Cedar Room Spray and every time I use it- it smells like heaven… and my kids love it too :))) A must buy!  Check it out-U will love it!!! – S.K.


  • “My favorite arnica salve comes from Passiflora Aromatics. They have an amazing salve called Magic 7 that I have been lucky enough to be the tester for. Arnica is one of the ingredients and it is an amazingly, amazingly effective product.”


jaqieFrom Facebook:  Great products/blends. I am pleased to say I use the products. This woman is a true Master at what she does. Check her out.  – Jaqie Ryane



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