Inhalation & your “Healing Heart”

Inhalation and diffusing blends are wonderful things… Just a hint of a scent can make us reca100_6334ll a memory or an emotion before we are even aware of it. The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that is linked directly to the limbic portion of the brain, which controls our emotions.

It depends on the day, or the hour, which of my diffuser blends is my favorite. If I’m tired, I want an uplifting blend in the morning & a relaxing blend later in the day and so on…. Out of all of my blends, the De-Stressing blends are my go-to blends. I tend to come back to them time & time again, but for different reasons.

Healing Heart was the first blend that I ever made. It was done in about 20 minutes & I haven’t changed the recipe at all. I just knew how I wanted it to smell. I found that it was comforting if I was stressed or anxious, helped me sleep at night but was still fresh enough that I don’t get tired of it. I’m not a huge floral person, but I love the combination of Rose Geranium, Grapefruit & Lemongrass essential oil.

  •  Rose Geranium is a calming, comforting and balancing essential oil that is good for your heart chakra as you go thru all the changes in your life. It also balances hormones in the body, particularly for women. While there are some similarities, I find that I actually like the scent of Rose Geranium better than Rose essential oil. I think that it is the spicy undertones that I like.
  •  Grapefruit is a sunny, uplifting essential oil that really freshens up your blend & can lift your spirits if you are feeling low. I find Grapefruit essential oil good to use in your diffuser if you have a headache due to fatigue. (At least it is for me; remember that everyone reacts differently to the scents of essential oils).
  •  And what can I say about Lemongrass? For years, I couldn’t stand the smell. But now, I can’t get enough of it. It is so crisp & fresh. Lemongrass is useful during emotional transitions and being open to them. I find that I have the urge to add Lemongrass to everything I blend, but so far I’ve been able to restrain myself.

My Blog is for information only & is not meant to replace medical advice.
Essential Oils are not for ingestion & should always be diluted before topical use.


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