Diffusing with an “Open Heart”


500_aromasens14K__33346.1429820271.1280.1280 (1)While I love the ambiance of a candle diffuser, my favorite way to diffuse essential oils is with an ultrasonic diffuser. In the water bowl of these diffusers, there is a small metal disc that vibrates by “ultrasonic frequencies,” which break up the essential oil and water into tiny particles, which form a fine, cool mist, that is then dispersed into the air.

It is also important not to run your diffuser for long periods of time because:

  • The molecules of essential oils diffuse through the air fairly quickly and you are still getting the effects. even though you’ve gotten used to the scent and you can’t smell it anymore. If you diffuse all day long you may be exposing yourself to too much essential oil. It is also important to change it up and not use the same blends all of the time.
  • The first few times that you use your diffuser, use 3-6 drops of your blend and diffuse for 15 – 30 min, to see how you like the scent, but more importantly, to see how you feel. When using your diffuser, Author Robert Tisserand (2014) says,  “Don’t diffuse for long periods of time, 30 – 60 minutes is good, or 30 minutes on and 60 minutes off”. Check the timer setting on your diffuser to find the best one for you and your environment.
  • If you have a baby or small children in your home, please use caution when deciding which essential oil to use in your diffuser (check the chem. type). You will also have to adjust the number of drops that you use in your diffuser & adjust the time, 15 – 30 min depending on the age and health of your child. With aromatherapy, less is always more.

I prefer to diffuse essential oils for about 20 – 30 min, 2 -3 times throughout the day. This way I can use an uplifting blend in the morning, and a more relaxing blend later in the day to help me unwind…

One of my favorite blends that I like to diffuse later in the day is called “Open Heart”. I 100_6389discovered Fragonia essential oil a few months ago, and I knew right away what I wanted to blend it with. Open Heart is a blend of Fragonia, Clary Sage, as well as Rosemary, Cypress, Tangerine, Lemon & Ylang Ylang essential oils. And while I love the blend, it’s the Fragonia essential oil that I want to rhapsodize about:

Fragonia is relatively new essential oil from Western Australia. It is actually trademarked by  “Paperbark Oils”, a small family run company. Early studies were done by Dr Daniel Penoel, a well-known French physician who studies the therapeutic uses of essential oils. He believed that Fragonia was able to release emotional blockages and bring balance to the emotional and physical body.
In her clinical study ‘Agonis fragrans and the Female Menstrual Cycle’, Aromatherapist Karen Wallwork found that Fragonia’s balancing effect is helpful for regulating hormones. And even after learning all these interesting facts about Fragonia, the thing that inspires me the most about this lovely oil is how it heals your spirit. Robbi Zeck N.D. said it best:
“Fragonia carries a unique energy pattern bringing the gift of the power of love. In each of us, love is already in place. Perhaps you can simply, let love, love you.” Now that to me is the best form of Self-Care…

My Blog is for information only &  replace medical advice.
Essential Oils are not for ingestion & should always be diluted before topical use.

If you are using a candle diffuser, never leave it unattended.  “Open Heart” diffuser blend is for ages 5 & up.

Zeck, R. (2004). The Blossoming Heart: Aromatherapy for healing and transformation
(pp. 80 – 81). East Ivanhoe, Victoria: Aroma Tours.pp. 80 – 81). East Ivanhoe, Victoria: Aroma Tours.


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